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Frontiers of THz Science, 2012: Program

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Date : Wed, 5 September 2012, Plenary Session ‎(15)
Arrival and Registration  
Welcome Z-X Shen
Terahertz Plasmonics Daniel Mittleman
Manipulating and Probing Atomic and Molecular Dynamics with Intense THz Pulses Bob Jones
THz Imaging: What You See and What You Don't Peter Siegel
THz-TDS Studies of Low Frequency Modes in Organic Molecular Crystals and Progress Toward THz Vibrational Optical Activity Charles Schmuttenmaer
THz Spectroscopy of Quasiparticle Dynamics in Complex Materials Nuh Gedik
THz Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials Tony Heinz
Controlled Functionality Using Terahertz Metamaterials Toni Taylor
Quasiparticle Dynamics in Intense Terahertz Fields Mark Sherwin
Discussion ALL
 Date : Thurs, 6 September 2012, Plenary & Breakout Sessions ‎(11)
THZ Science @ SLAC Aaron Lindenberg
Present Capabilities and Future Concepts for Intense THz from SLAC Accelerators Alan Fisher
Applications of Accelerator-produced THz light for Studies of Dynamics Gwyn Williams
THz radiation from linear accelerators: Perspectives and Challenges Michael Gensch
Discussion ALL
Breakout Sessions - see independent schedules below  
Closeout Discussion  
 Date : Thurs, 6 September 2012, Breakout Session: Material Sciences; Session Chair: Aaron Lindenberg ‎(9)
Compact, E-Beam Based mm- and THz-wave Light Sources Auralee Linscott Morin
Ultrafast THz Studies of Complex Materials Robert Kaindl
Intense Terahertz Sources for Time-Resolved Study of Matter Haidan Wen
Quantum Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures Driven By Strong Terahertz Pulses Yun-Shik Lee
Sub-Wavelength Electromagnetic Structures Shanhui Fan
Quantum Trajectories of Electrons in Semiconductors Under Strong THz Field Ren-Bao Liu
Closeout Discussion  
 Date : Thurs, 6 September 2012, Breakout Session: Chemistry; Session Chairs: Anders Nilsson and Kelly Gaffney ‎(7)
Methods for Overcoming the Glassy Background in Terahertz Measurements of Correlated Motions in Proteins Andrea Markelz
Biomolecules in Solution: Computational Studies & THz Spectra David Leitner
Terahertz Absorption by Dilute Aqueous Solutions Dmitry Matyushov
What Can We Learn About the Hydrogen Bonding at Aqueous Interfaces from Vibrational Spectroscopy Alexander Benderskii
Closeout Discussion